In the Database you will find the cards referring to the printers' and publishers' Devices of the 17th century Italian editions.

The Datafile MAR.T.E. - MARche Tipografiche Editoriali (printers' and publishers' Devices) - was imagined in the same time than the "Seicento" (17thcentury) project which carried out the cataloguing "book in hand" and the inputting online, in the database SBN for older books, of 30.000 editions of the 17thcentury from the National Library of Rome.

The card of each Device includes the picture, the description, the keywords as well as the name of the printer, the publisher and the bookseller the Device is relied to. We also find the place and the final date of utilization derived from the examined editions and then the dimensions, the reference bibliography. The ICONCLASS code, which is included in the database, allows to consult the Database without linguistic barriers.

This Database is increased by the Library - the cataloguing "book in hand" of 27.000 further editions of the 17th century is being carried on - and, thanks to the function Cataloguing, it can be increased by external persons too.

Furthermore, with the function Modify, it's possible to propose some corrections and integrations to Cards that are already in the database as well as new bibliographic informations concerning Devices, printers, publishers or booksellers.

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