List of printers
Search by Name, which can be taken directly from the list of Printers, Publishers, Booksellers in a normalized form, accepted (A) or not (R), linked to the Devices in the database. As only 600 cards out of the 1200 that have been created, have been checked and inputted in the database at present, for the moment some names could seem not connected to any Device.

Search by the full name of the Printer, Publisher, Bookseller, in a normalized form - surname, name - or a cut short form with at least three letters

Identification Number
Search by the Number with which each Device is registered in the database.

Search by significant words which are likely to be in the description of the Device. If a Motto is there, the search is possible also by one or all of its words.

Search by one or more of the five significant words drawn from the description. They are of no more than ten types each, transcribed in capital types without spaces, accents, above or under written types. They could also be the Motto or the initials of a name which are inside the Device

Search by the place associated to the Device in the editions.

Search by alphanumeric code of the Iconclass, see

Search by the year linked to the Device in the examined editions. If a Device is present in several years, the search takes place in the space between the two limit dates.

Standard Citation
Search by code, made by one letter and five numbers, given to some bibliographies in the Guide to Cataloguing of SBN-Older Book, Rome, ICCU, 1995.